AZUMAYA and Garage

Create a favorite space in your daily life

An AZUMAYA (literally four eaves) is a square structure with four pillars and a pyramidal roof without walls.

An azumaya, a shed, or a garage can be built relatively freely and inexpensively compared to a house or a shop. Many clients seem to be satisfied and to get a sense of fulfillment from building this kind of small structure next to their house.

A wooden garage. Strongly bent beams achieve a large space without using pillars in the middle and create a unique design.

This AZUMAYA pavilion is located on a slope in the forest which presents a great view. The floating bundle in the air in the center of the roof is called a “kabocha-zuka” which is a characteristic of AZUMAYA.

The name of this pavilion, Tensui-an, is carved on a naturaly-shaped stone tablet and fixed to the pillar.