Without skill, we cannot take advantage of the old houses

All the carpenters at SOBOKUYA are highly skilled, so we can repair old houses, called “minka” in Japanese. These are made using the methods of traditional Japanese architecture, which is completely different from modern architecture.

It is possible to revive an old house by taking advantage of the good parts and fixing the damaged parts appropriately. We can remake a pillar that has rotted at the bottom, or make a pillar fit an old foundation stone perfectly. We can reinforce the part where there are problems of strength.
We breathe new life into an old building full of memories and atmosphere.

The majority of damage to an old minka starts at the foot of the building, where it is exposed to moisture. We remove tatami mats and floorboards and examine the state of the wood. If there is any decay, we replace it with new wood.

Rather than replacing all of the pillars, we cut off the damaged footing and replace it with new wood. This is a traditional technique called “root splicing”.

In order to unite the old pillar and the new one firmly, we use a joint technique called “kanawa-jointing,” which requires more time and effort but provides a high degree of strength.