We build a house that your family will love.

A house is where a family spends most of their time. That’s why you want to live in a house with a good design that you will become more attached to as time goes by. We not only create houses with a distinctive use of materials, but also with functionality to make your life easy and comfortable.
We design the kitchen and laundry areas with a lot of thought to making housework not only easier, but also more enjoyable.

This is Imai’s house. The main elements, the kitchen, dining room, wood stove, and staircase, create a gathering place where the family can enjoy their time together.

The kitchen counter is a great place to have a conversation.
The kitchen is not ready-made; each kitchen is made by a carpenter so that you can make it just the way you want it.

The entrance is designed to make guests feel like they are walking through a garden.

Warm air climbs the stairs and dries the laundry on rainy days.