Special Tree Felling

Felling trees near buildings and power lines and on steep slopes

There might be cases when you want to cut down a tree but it seems to be dangerous because the tree is too close to buildings or power lines or the slope is too steep.
Please feel free to contact us in such cases. We have felling equipment and are good at felling under special circumstances.
We can also make use of the trees we cut down to build your house. You’ll love the house more if you build it with trees from your own land.

We use a crane or an elevated truck and cut the tree from the top. Using this equipment, we can cut off branches that are spread out on neighboring lots or near power lines.

The crane can pull the tree upwards and lift it out of the ground. You can safely cut down trees that are growing near buildings or in areas where other trees grow densely.

The trees cut down can also be used for construction.